When:  March 18-19

Where:  LaQuinta Inn Ontario Airport.   Ontario, CA

New to a show?   Most of us are too!  Bring your cockatiel in any type of small cage and we will get it situated in a show cage.   We have plenty free of charge waiting!

Friday Night:   ICA Meeting (will be on Facebook Live).  First ever organizational meeting.  We will discuss our needs, wants and desires as a national club.  We will also talk about involvement in ASA and AFA as well as the National Caged Bird Show and many other shows around the country.   Friday night will be very relaxed as we sit around the couch and think about ideas for the future of ICA.   Participation for those who can’t come is very welcome

Saturday Morning:  Breakfast at the Show House and a small meeting on how to fill out paperwork.   We will begin training stewards and secretaries at 10:00 am and discuss the NEW way to enter birds into shows.  This will take a bit getting used to but its for the safety of all birds.

Saturday Afternoon:  Show Time!  Sit back and get your questions ready.  ICA Shows are not judge dominated, they are participant dominated and questions are always welcome.  We will go through each and every bird and discuss future breedings, color mutations and tips of the trade to get them in condition.

Featuring:  Free awards, participation buttons, Ribbons, and EDUCATION

Saturday Night:  Social and Fundraising (More to come)

Sunday:  Pack up early and head to Pomona, California.   We will be going as a group to Pomona to sell some birds and buy some too!   This is the marts of all marts.  Worth the drive and we will have plenty of fun!  If you have a mini van, please consider bringing it.   We could possibly rent one while we are there or try to head out in just a few automobiles.

Sunday:  Hotel reservations for anyone staying Sunday can be made.   We want your experience to be the best.