ICA Championship Information

International Cockatiel Association
Championship Rules
For Immediate Release

The ICA is proud to announce their Championship Guidelines for the 2017 show season.
Defined Terms:

Match Show: An ICA affiliated educational show that uses an approved ICA judge.
Major Show: 25 birds and three exhibitors will compromise a major show. The ICA
emphasizes quality over quantity per exhibitor
Champion: A designation given to a cockatiel that has completed requirements
Best in Show and Reserve placings: The top three birds are designations as : Best in Show,
1st Reserve and 2nd Reserve. Three of these placings are required for Championship.

Rules for ICA Championship:
Any bird who places in three (3) major match shows under three (3) different judges and earn 3
top placings (Best in show and reserve placings) will be awarded a Championship certificate
upon completion from the match judge that places their bird to Championship. Exhibitors are
required to keep up with the placings of their birds by going to www.icatiels.com and referencing
our new placement software that will be available in July. The judge at any match show can
show you how to work the program and look up your bands and will ask the audience after the
show if there were any birds that placed as Champion. Champions discovered after the show
will need to get their certificates mailed to them and may experience delays in getting their

Birds without bands: Birds without bands will be offered open bands at the time of placement.
After open bands are placed, they should not be removed. If the owner wishes not to put an
open band on their bird, the bird will not be able to obtain their championship and the 2nd
reserve placing will go to the next available banded bird.

Just remember 3/3/3: 3 shows, 3 judges, top three placings

After a bird receives his Championship, it will be then be placed in the Champion/Grand
Champion category for judging at the next show