ICA Show Report: 6 exhibitors: Major show!


Best in Show (Best Young): 41D-209-15 Bred by David Chang, Exhibitor: Jonathan Haider

2nd BIS: Normal Cock: 91J-13-12. Bred by Josh Maple Exhibitor: Jonathan Haider

3rd BIS: Lutino Pearl H. NCS 64S-42-15 Bred by Sherri Lewis exhibited by: Michael Lewis

4th BIS Lutino Cock NCS 66S-42-15. Bred by Shanna Dollarhide Exhibited by Mike Lewis

5th BIS. (Best BBE) Cinnamon Pearl Hen 66S-20-11 Bred and Exhibited by Shanna Dollarhide

6th BIS Cinnamon Cock: 04R-328-15. Bred by Robert Finalet, Exhibited by Mike Lewis

7th BIS Pearl Hen 66S-326-15 Bred by Shanna Dollarhide Exhibited by: Mike Lewis

8th BIS Pied Cock. NCS 93L-18-15. Bred and Exhibited by Francis M. Lopez

9th BIS. Lutino Cock Bred and Exhibited by Jonathan Haider

10th BIS DYC Lutino. Bred by Shanna Dollarhide Exhibited by Jose Ochoa


Judges Comments

The birds at this match show the continuing improvement of the West Coast exhibitors in their endeavors to become competitive in the National and International Arena.  I found many of these birds could be very competitive in many high profile shows and were in beautiful condition.  Every bird that I saw (minus about three) were in fairly impeccable condition.  I found the color to be superb and the size of these birds to be very proportional.   I talked to many of the breeders about how to trim down their hens going into breeding condition to avoid nestbox failures.   I commend the  new exhibitors on their attention to detail and their enthusiasm.   It was nice to see such a positive outlook on the hobby.   I welcomed 4 new exhbitors at the Pomona Fair the following day and will be following up on my judging assignment to make sure exhibitors and exhibitors to be are fully educated as to how to breed and exhibit.   Shanna Dollarhide is now available for judging and has show impeccable judging.    After working through a few birds after the show, she understood fully the international and national show standards and our use of each to come up with our USA standard.

Leslie Huegerich-International Cockatiel Association Judge