Educational Matches: The executive committee of International Cockatiel Association announces the advancement of education in the standard arena.


What is it? Shows based not on number of birds but number of exhibitors which will promote quality of exhibition.

Who can have a show? Anyone. No club affiliation is necessary. Since numbers aren’t needed, educational matches relieve the show managers of large venues. This will help smaller regions hold many shows throughout the year. Awards packages will be available.

Where is it available? The test region will include the western region of the United States (including Midwestern US) for the year of 2016.  There may be a few east coast shows but we will be focusing on the midwest and western regions.

Who are a educational leaders? Educational leaders are like the judges of the show. Unlike judges in the large shows, our leaders are picked for their longevity in the hobby. Anyone who buys expensive birds can become a judge in due time but we want leaders who have the experience to give advice to participants of the show. Leaders will not be “grandfathered”. They will be given levels of training needed to insure a successful experience. We expect our judges to have superior breeding knowledge.

How do I become a leader? We will post qualifications after our first couple of matches. Initial leaders will be handpicked. If you know someone who has over 15 years of extensive breeding of cockatiels, contact me privately or have them contact me.

We encourage leaders to lead in their own region and encourage networking.

More information will be available soon as we go through our test matches. If you are interested in being one of the first clubs to hold a match, please contact myself or Shanna Dollarhide for more information.

This is not an exclusive benefit for ICA members. Public is welcome!