By Leslie Huegerich

Pastelface, Pastelcheek, Paleface, Pastel are all common names for a cockatiel with a yellow cheekspot instead of the traditional orange cheekspot.

But, the Pastel is much more than just a cheekspot.  Unknown to most breeders, the pastel affects the body color of the cockatiel.  Pastel pearls often are a creamy white and are never bright yellow.   Pastel Pieds are often creamy white pied (yellow part of a pied cockatiel) to almost looking like a whiteface pied.

The Pastel’s cousin, the Creamface, also has the same body coloration effects to a larger extent.   Creamface babies can even be spotted in the nest to some certainty as the down of a creamface is in between that of a normal cockatiel and one of a whiteface.  The cream color is very predicative and I have seen over the past 10 years of breeding them.

So, should we be talking about the creamface and pastelface as “Face mutations”?  No.   Although their name implies this, they are actually body mutations.  Pastel (without the face) is gaining in popularity.  I began calling my Pastels this in 2010 after noticing these changes.  I have suggested a name change recommendation to the International Committee (USA/English) and hope to have this name change completed soon.